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Is buying in Paraguay still worth it?

Shopping in Paraguay was once considered advantageous by Brazilian consumers. This is due to the easy access to the country across the border in Foz de Iguaçu and the low prices on original or counterfeit products.

For many decades, several Brazilians have sought to buy in Paraguay. The vast majority of consumers look for Ciudad del Este to make their purchases.

Due to the high demand, there are tourism agencies that carry out excursions aimed at foreign buyers. But is shopping in Paraguay still an advantageous activity today? Check it out below.

What this article covers:

Why does shopping in Paraguay attract Brazilians?

Buying in Paraguay attracts many Brazilians due to the low prices on several products, mainly electronics. These prices are found due to the taxation system applied in the country.

Paraguay applies VAT, or Value Added Tax, which is not charged to foreigners passing through the country. Therefore, your purchases are exempt from 10% on the entire value of purchases.

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This doesn’t happen with import values ​​from elsewhere. Every Brazilian needs to pay taxes such as PIS, CONFINS and ICMS on top of the imported price. In the end, the cost can be set up to 70% higher than the entire value.

Therefore, buying in Paraguay has become advantageous and quite popular among Brazilians. Being exempt from 70% of charges and still receiving 10% in discounts for the purchase is something very attractive.

What are the best products to buy in Paraguay right now?

Buying in Paraguay is very attractive for those looking for specific products. Currently, those that are most sought after by consumers are those in the electronics, home appliances, makeup, perfumes and beverages sector.

What are the best products to buy in Paraguay currently

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When we talk about the apparel sector, we have to be careful. This part may compensate in some places in the country, but it is advisable to carry out a prior research. In Brazil, there are places where the price for these products is usually cheaper than in Paraguay.

What products are prohibited from buying in Paraguay?

Even with the advantages of buying in Paraguay, attention is needed when purchasing products, as some are prohibited and cannot be sold to foreigners.

On the list of prohibited products are: weapons, ammunition, animals, counterfeits, alcoholic beverages made in Brazil, cigarettes and products intended for resale.

Purchase limit in Paraguay and taxation

In order not to lose the trip and the purchases made, the consumer must be aware of the quantity of items purchased. Only 30 items per person will be allowed, with only 3 identical, if you exceed the quantity, it is possible to be barred from purchases.

taxation rules

There is a purchase limit in Paraguay that every foreign consumer must respect. According to the law, only purchases below US$ 500.00 do not pay the tax. This value refers to R$ 2,040.00.

If the amount exceeds what was defined, the consumer must pay 50% of the amount. Therefore, it is preferable to stay within the defined amount if you want purchases to be really advantageous.

Buy in Dollar in Paraguay

To pay for purchases in Paraguay, consumers can choose between Dollars, Reais or Guarani. Normally, the dollar is the most used option inside stores in Paraguay. Therefore, it is necessary to make the exact conversion before payment.

Currently, with the rise of the dollar, purchases through that currency have become less advantageous for Brazilians.

It is recommended to research very well before going to Paraguay in order to save money. Some products may cost the same price as those sold in Brazil, sometimes even more expensive. It is necessary to pay twice as much attention and to know very well the best places for shopping.

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