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Is Banco Original good?

After all, is Banco Original good or not? In the past, to have a bank account, you needed to go to a branch closest to your home, and today you can do it in the comfort of your home.

In addition, today there are banks that do not have a physical branch. These are the so-called digital banks, one of which is growing is Banco Original, which draws public attention for having means that escape bureaucracy and traditional fees. Let’s analyze, therefore, whether Banco Original is good.

What this article covers:

What is Banco Original?

In the market for 12 years, Banco Original emerged to provide accounts for Legal Entities specializing in agriculture. Only two years after it changed its target audience to Individuals. Its growth only came at the turn of the decade, when it offered services to Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

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For you to purchase, you just need to download the bank application on Android and Iphone (iOS).
Once downloaded, you must register, open an account, check balance, payment, transfer and other services offered by banks. In addition, the bank provides credit and debit cards.

What are the advantages of using Banco Original?

In addition to not having an annual fee, Banco Original is 100% digital, but you can make withdrawals at Banco24Horas ATMs or at Espaço Original, which is located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Another advantage is being able to receive and withdraw foreign money, such as dollars and euros.
And it’s good to invest in CBDLCI and LCA, which have a better return on investment than traditional savings.

What are the advantages of using Banco Original

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Not to mention that it features the “Cashback” service, where purchases receive a percentage of the customer’s return value. In addition, the cards are from the Mastercard brand.

Disadvantages of the Original Bank

The lack of free services makes Banco Original at a disadvantage compared to the competition, as it charges a fee for some services, such as withdrawals (the first four of the month are free and the rest pays a fee of R$ 1.90), statement (1.80 reais for each), R$0.70 for TED and R$8.90 for other banks. Expensive, isn’t it?

In addition, your application does not have good functionality, especially on Google Play, which users rated 3.7 stars, where the maximum is 5. In the App Store it works better, as it is much more rated, with 4.5 stars.

If you don’t want to pay all that, they provide unlimited access, in which the customer pays a monthly fee of R$ 12.90.

How does the Banco Original card work?

Credit cards are Mastercard. They have a credit and debit function, and one of their advantages is not having an annuity, in addition to receiving benefits, such as insurance when making a purchase, car insurance and also for travel.

Have you created your Banco Original account yet? Leave your comment here and keep following the best financial tips.

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