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Is Banco Inter a checking or savings account?

In the age of digital banks, many people still have some confusion about the types of accounts provided by them, the benefits, advantages and disadvantages. One of the most used today is Banco Inter, which provides an excellent service as a digital financial institution, but what type of account will it deliver to its users?

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Inter is savings or current?

Banco Inter provides its customers with current accounts, both for individuals and for companies. It is entirely digital and individual, can be moved by Internet Banking and through the app, and is entirely fee-free.

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How to know if Banco Inter is a checking or savings account?

In the case of Inter, it only provides the checking account option, so you can be sure that your account will always be the same.

Some people feel confused, as it is common for only savings accounts to be exempt from fees, however, as it is a fully digital bank, Inter manages to save on many expenses that a physical branch would have, and in this way it manages to offer the benefits of a checking account with the fee-free savings account.

In the case of other banks, you can differentiate the accounts by means of the operation number. If the number is 013 then it is a savings account. If the number is 001 or 00 then it is a checking account.

Is Banco Inter worth it?

Yea; Inter provides the possibility of a current account without tariffs and fees, as well as providing a debit card and giving the possibility of obtaining a credit card. In addition, you can recharge mobile phones, pay bank slips, transfer between accounts (including other banks) without fees, invest and buy with cashback, all through the app, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Which is the best between Banco Inter and Nubank?

Nubank and Inter are perhaps the most famous digital banks at the moment. Both banks have excellent service quality, however, Inter bank is the most suitable for most users. Banco Inter has free withdrawals, loan with property guarantee, payroll, platforms, among other benefits that most users may find more interesting.

Nubank also has many of these benefits, however it serves a different purpose. Stop and think about your own profile as a user and decide, however, we believe that Inter bank is more suitable for most users.

Digital banks have become more and more common and are gradually replacing the old institutions with their branches and queues. It’s important to be aware of the benefits of this type of service so you don’t end up falling into pranks and holes.

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