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Is ‘Alma Rey’ back? Ninel Conde includes RBD songs on her 2023 tour

The furor over the reunion of RBD has been taken advantage of by Ninel Condewho included several songs by the Mexican band in the repertoire that they will perform on their 2023 tour.

The truth is that, with all the Rebel fever unleashed since December 2022, Ninel also seems to be remembering and reliving part of that time.

‘I am a rebel’, ‘Just stay silent’, among others, are the songs that he is already singing on stage to those who; as is characteristic of the spectacular artist, has shown up with its bright, tiny, fiery outfits that reveal the defined and voluptuous body that she enjoys at 46 years of age.

Seeing her interpret RBD’s songs has generated comments from some fans, especially Brazilians, who have commented that they would like to see her participate in the band’s concert tour.

About participating in the “Rebeldes” reunion, Ninel told the “Hoy” program that she does not rule out the possibility.

“I already told you that I am set. Imagine, it is part of the history of all of us, but we are in those and I am happy “

Said the artist.

The actress participated in the soap opera Rebelde as ‘Alma Rey’, mother of ‘Roberta Pardo’ (Dulce María). In days gone by, she uploaded a reel, emotionally opening the gift sent by the members of the group to various artists. Among the gifts the “Murderer Bomb” received was the iconic red tie.

“I can’t explain the emotion I felt when I saw this box full of our memories of that time that marked our lives #rbd_musica. I love you to infinity and I feel so proud of you and of course I will be there to share with you once again. #I’mrebeldetour”,
Conde wrote to accompany the video of the gift.

In part of the memories that Ninel has been moving, there is a video that she posted singing in the soap opera with her beloved ‘Roberta’. In the text with which she accompanied the short, she expressed all the affection she feels for Dulce María.

“Who remembers this scene with my beautiful daughter #Roberta?

I love you so much @dulcemaria

RBD now lives longer than ever and I want us all to remember every special moment.”
It reads in the post

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