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Is a young apprentice entitled to unemployment insurance?

One of the main ways to start in the job market and get your first job is the Jovem Aprendiz, an apprenticeship program with a special contract model that meets the needs of the company and opens the doors for young people looking for the much-desired first job. experience.

But, like every employment contract, the young apprentice also has some specifications and benefits, we will clarify them in this post.

What this article covers:

Apprentices are entitled to unemployment insurance Young or not?

Yes, he has unemployment insurance, that’s because he is a formal employee like any other, for that reason, he has that right and many others.

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But what are the labor rights? Check it out below.

Young Apprentices have what labor rights?

The contract of the young apprentice is established in the following rights:

  • Signed Card: A record in the Work Card, the young apprentice is an employee similar to the rest of the company
  • Have a journey of up to 6 hours: Most young people who are in the Young Apprentice Program are yet to finish their studies, so it is a right to have a journey of up to 6 hours, but some companies may also opt for a 4-hour journey.
  • Right to vacation: Consequently, as he is studying, the young apprentice’s vacation needs to coincide with the school vacation.
  • 13th salary: The annual bonus paid to all CLT workers at the end of the year is also a right for young apprentices.
  • FGTS: The Guarantee Fund for length of service is also one of the rights of the young apprentice, but the percentage is lower due to the specialty of the contract, to just 2%.
  • Transport allowance: Every young apprentice has the right to receive transport allowance for going to and from work.

In addition to the rights mentioned above, the young apprentice is also entitled to receive hourly wages, but many companies sign a higher remuneration or with specific benefits.

What are the duties of the Young Apprentice?

In addition to the rights, it is clear that the Young Apprentice has duties to be fulfilled, and they are:

  • Be studying: By the age group applied, these young people are usually studying in elementary or high school, proof of enrollment in an educational institution is mandatory to be a young apprentice. In addition, it is also necessary to attend classes frequently.
  • Attend theoretical classes/course: As they are new and have no work experience, young people also undergo theoretical preparation with an agreement in the form of a course, the course classes are as important as the face-to-face work at the company, equivalent to one day of service and attendance is also mandatory.
  • Fulfill your duties: A young apprentice is not treated as inferior when compared to other employees, on the contrary, he is a peer and has a duty to fulfill his duties, responsibilities and deadlines in the work environment.

It is important to remember that being a young apprentice is serious business, this opportunity can open up many others in your professional life, so do your part as best you can.

Functions that are not linked to the Young Apprentice

At first, the young apprentice cannot work overtime, that is, he cannot stay in the work environment outside the hours already stipulated in the contract. In addition, he also cannot work in inappropriate, unsafe or uncomfortable environments.

Are Young Apprentices and Interns the same thing?

They are not the same thing, nor similar. First, to be a young apprentice, you need to be between 14 and 24 years old and sometimes in school (High School), hired by CLT and have similar and/or equal rights to the rest of the company. The intern is not linked to the company and must be over 16 years old, attending a technical level or higher education course.

Young Apprentice and Intern are the same thing

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As we have seen, the young apprentice is entitled to unemployment insurance as well as other benefits and rights, although it is a special contract, it has its similarities to the others as well.

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