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Is a franchise or restaurant profitable?

Pizzerias are a business model that is subscribed to success. The dishes of Italian cuisine are liked by everyone and that makes it, without a doubt, its best business card.

This market can sometimes be considered somewhat saturated due to the large number of restaurants that we find. But a new pizzeria always has a place if it manages capture the attention of the consumer with different dishes, low prices and an attractive offer.

Choose a suitable business model

Opening a gap in the sector is not easy. For this reason, before starting a pizzeria, it is necessary to be clear about the business model that most interests us. Basically, we must differentiate between a franchise or a conventional restaurant, which would be on our own. Before opting for a specific option, it is necessary to have prior knowledge of the art of pizza.

It never hurts to be advised by specialized personnel who have experience in this type of business, and can assess the feasibility of said establishment.

The advantages of opening a franchise

open a pizzeria

One of the pizzeria models most chosen by entrepreneurs is the one that works under the franchise system. Above all, because a lower investment risk is assumed and the commercial rights of a brand that already has a certain position in the market can be acquired. It is the way that many firms have also found to expand throughout the world.

The entrepreneur will be able to open his pizzeria without having to start from scratch. The franchisor will take care of all the equipment, in addition to the promotion, marketing strategies and constant accompaniment during the process.

The new owner must get used to the idea that he will have to completely adapt to the demands of the brand and at no time will you have the opportunity to take part in the decisions that are made in the franchise. Some of the best known may be Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

Open a pizzeria on our own in a local

open a pizzeria

Whether we choose to open a pizzeria under the franchise system or do it on our own as if it were another restaurant, it is essential have a home delivery service. There are more and more hospitality businesses that focus exclusively on the business of delivery, such as Goxo by Dabiz Muñoz or La Gran Familia Mediterránea by Dani García. On the Glovoapp website we have hundreds of catering establishments available that work with home delivery.


The traditional model for opening a pizzeria forces us to find a place with enough capacity to accommodate ovens, commercial kitchen equipment and refrigerators. It is as if it were a conventional restaurant, since we will not depend on anyone and we will have to take care of everything related to management from the first moment.

In the case of this type of establishment, you have to choose between opting for a place that has space to serve customers or just fill orders to arrive for home and pick up.

If we opt for this alternative, we will be obliged to follow a guideline to achieve the best possible results.

1. Preparation of a business plan

Must lay the foundations to adequately direct and execute the business idea. Every business plan must have a market study, strategic plan, marketing plan, financial analysis and structure and human talent.

Have a wide gastronomic offer, as well as a distinctive and recognizable touch, It is essential when starting up a pizzeria. To create the menu, it is necessary to take into account the results of the market study, in order to know the tastes and needs of the potential client.

3. Choose the location

Also based on the market study, a specific location will have to be chosen. It will let you know what they are. the most visible, walkable and easily accessible areas. All this within a budget that does not exceed our capacity.

4. Material for the pizzeria

The equipment of the pizzeria will be, without a doubt, what we have to invest the most in. This includes both the machinery for cooking, such as tables and chairs.

5. Choose providers

As with other restaurants, it will also be necessary entrust ingredients and products to suppliers of a certain qualitysince the success of the menus will depend on it.

6. Hire staff

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It is necessary to hire trained and experienced staff In this sector. It will be a way to guarantee both adequate preparation and the best customer service.

7. Management of procedures and legal permits

Before opening a pizzeria, you have to think about all the procedures that will force us to carry out. In the first place, the legal structure must be established, whether it is a legal entity or an individual, in addition to manage permits and licenses associated with the production and marketing of food and beverages.

8. Marketing

The success of the business will also depend on the marketing and advertising strategies, even before it opens. The merchandisesocial networks, contests, raffles and press advertisements are just some of the proposals that are essential to make yourself known at the beginning.

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