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IRS refunds start being paid today

1.7 million IRS returns have already been submitted and refunds have already started to be processed. Have you received the tax due to you?

The Ministry of Finance announced that IRS 2023 refunds have already started to be processed, and the amounts should start arriving in taxpayers’ accounts in the coming days.

“The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) has already settled the first IRS returns delivered and processed the first refunds, which begin to arrive today in the taxpayers’ account, in the week following the one in which the 2022 IRS campaign began,” he says. the note from the Ministry.

It should be remembered that the deadline for submitting the annual income statement earned in the 2022 fiscal year istarted on April 1st and ends on June 30th, 2023.

Until this Wednesday, April 12th, more than 1.7 million IRS declarations had already been submitted on the Finance Portal. “Of these, 46% were submitted through the Automatic IRS”, says Fernando Medina’s office.

already the deadline for refunds ends only at the end of Augustalthough the Tax Authorities usually speed up this process as taxpayers submit the declaration on the Finance Portal.

Have you submitted your statement yet? know how to consult the IRS refund on the Finance Portal.

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