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Irregular CPF: Learn how to regularize!

Did you know that your irregular CPF can be suspended or cancelled? This is not something so uncommon to happen and it is necessary to pay attention to your individual registration to know if everything is right with him. As it is an essential document for the life of the citizen-taxpayer, it is very important to be aware of it. If you have any pending items related to your CPF, find out with this text how to settle it.

What this article covers:

What is the irregular CPF?

Your individual registration may have pending issues with public bodies or registration problems, which makes it irregular. This scenario can be a nuisance, since the CPF is a basic citizen document, being used very frequently in various day-to-day situations, from purchases to registrations in government systems or even when requesting other documents.

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The condition of irregular CPF has different categories. It may be pending regularization, may be suspended (when the citizen’s registration is incorrect or incomplete) or may be canceled (by judicial measures or when the document presents irregularities in the registration).

The CPF can still be annulled, when fraud is found in the registration, or receive the classification of “CPF of a deceased person”, when the taxpayer dies.

How to regularize my CPF?

To regularize your CPF, you must first observe what your registration situation is. If your document is suspended, then the problem can be resolved online and free of charge. If the situation is different, it is necessary to go to a Federal Revenue agency in person.

Anyway, whatever the case, the first step to take to regularize your CPF is to enter the Federal Revenue website and fill out the form with the request for regularization. After that, it is necessary to send the form (through the system itself) and write down the service code number, so that it is possible to check the progress of the request later.

To follow up on how the request is going, just access the specific Revenue page for this, available in this link, and inform the service code, place and date of birth and the date of the service. If you prefer, you can also apply for regularization through a post office. The cost of the service is around R$ 7.00.

To find out if you have an irregular CPF, simply access this linkwhich leads to another page within the Federal Revenue portal, and inform CPF and date of birth.

Why is the CPF pending regularization?

The CPF usually remains pending regularization when the taxpayer who holds the document fails to file the Income Tax Return at least once in the last five years. On the Federal Revenue website, you can see the necessary recommendations to regularize your document in these cases.

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