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Irma Serrano and Poncho de Nigris: This was the controversial romance of celebrities

One of the most controversial relationships in show business in Mexico was undoubtedly the one made up of Irma Serrano Y nigris ponchowell Since it was announced, speculation arose that the actor was labeled as “interested”.

And more than a decade after said romance, the famous Monterrey native broke the silence about what actually happened behind the scenes in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

According to Poncho de Nigris, he and “La Tigresa” agreed to fake a supposed courtship for the promotion of both, in addition to the fact that according to the influencer, La Tigresa wanted to make Pato Zambrano, a former Big Brother participant, jealous.

“It was her strategy. She stuck with Pato (Zambrano), saw that it worked very well with the press, the other Monterrey man entered, more of a gallant, and said ‘I’m from here’. I search myself; I got out of Big Brother and she looked me up“He revealed before the cameras.

This statement unleashed a wave of questions regarding what was happening outside the spotlight, specifically in the bedroom.

In this regard, De Nigris confessed that the actress tried to be intimate with him, but she avoided it by lying to him about her sexual orientation. “I never kissed her, I never kissed her on the mouth. I do not like to tell lies. More than respected her, I saw her with a grandmother because she was big, ”she added.

To end the topic, the famous sent him a forceful message with which he sought to leave the drama behind: “I would have liked to say good-bye to the lady, while she is still alive. If she sees me, I’m totally ready to give her a hug and say ‘Thank you and sorry’. Sorry because we were young and we went too far in the aspect in which we gave interviews and talked… she said that I was her boyfriend, but we were never dating, it was an advertising wave, “said the now influencer.

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