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Irina Baeva would not be willing to return the engagement ring to Gabriel Soto and they reveal the reason | VIDEO

Uncertainty continues about what is happening between Irina Baeva Y Gabriel SotoWell, neither of the two actors has said a peep about whether they are still together or not.

But while it’s apples or pears, Irina would be holding on to her engagement ring. Well, according to the communicator Inés Moreno, the Russian actress intends not to return the ring to Soto.

Well, he still hopes that everything between the two will be fixed and that the alleged romance that the actor has with his partner Sara Corrales is something temporary.

“Rumors suggest that Irina does not want to return the ring, according to the Russian she still has hopes of returning with Gabriel Soto, so she says: ‘if I return the ring it is to end and make this break public’ and she does not want to do it because he hopes that this with Sara Corrales is temporary and nothing happens and Gabriel will keep an eye on him and say this is the woman of my life ”


Moreno pointed out in a video that he shared on social networks. And it is that much has been said that Gabriel Soto is very interested in his soap opera partner, the Colombian actress Sara Corrales with whom he shares credits in “Mi camino es amarte”, production in which both work together and where the Mexican heartthrob would have been smitten by his partner.

There are already many rumors that Gabriel Soto is very, very interested in Sara Corrales, yes, it is not yet confirmed that there is a romance between them.

However, in his most recent column in El Heraldo de México, The host Alex Kaffie shared with his readers something that the soap opera heartthrob did for the Colombian.

And it is that according to Kaffie, Gabriel Soto would have “kneeled” to the producer Nicandro Díaz so that he would not give him a call on December 27, the day on which Sara Corrales celebrated her birthday.

Well, the actor supposedly He found out that the Colombian who would rest that Tuesday, at such insistence the producer finally agreed to Soto’s requestso she was able to celebrate her birth anniversary with her coworker

“And thanks to said permission, Gabriel Soto, a friend of his tells me, spent her birthday with Sara Corrales, because he never ceases in his desire to win her over and get her to loosen up!”

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