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Irina Baeva talks about her wedding with Gabriel Soto: “At the moment it is very complicated”

The relationship between Iirina Baeva and Gabriel Soto It was one of the most controversial during 2022, since after the cancellation of their wedding the couple had to face rumors about an alleged separation and even the actor has been romantically linked to other celebrities such as Martha Julia and in recent weeks the Colombian Sara Corrales.

That is why once again Irina Baeva faced the scandal and during a recent interview for Televisa Espectáculos confirmed that their wedding plans are maintainedn, although for the moment they will have to continue waiting so that they can see one of their great dreams come true due to the conflict that is taking place between Russia and Ukraine, which prevents their family from traveling to Mexico to witness their union.

“If I knew (the date), I still don’t have an answer on that. Hopefully soon it can be done in some way or another, at this time we still don’t know. Finally, as we wanted it to be at some point, that we had the date in May (of 2022), right now it’s very difficult precisely because of the issue of the situation in which my country is, “he explained.

And he confesses that for now their relationship is on pause, at least as he concludes his participation in the TelevisaUnivision telenovela ‘Mi camino es amarte’, because it will be until then when they can resume their activities as a couple.

“We are still on standby (waiting) a little bit, Gabriel is finishing recording his last calls from the soap opera and everything is fine.”

Irina Baeva

The soap opera villain was emphatic in expressing her support for Gabriel Soto, letting it be seen that she admires him on a personal level, but also professionally and especially with the character she currently plays, since it allowed her to get to know him completely outside of her comfort zone. Well, it is very different from the work he had done in previous projects, in which he had always seen him as the classic “business man”, in addition to the demanding work days he had to comply with.

And not to mention the actress Sara Corrales, with whom Soto shares credits within the same story and has been romantically linked in recent monthsIrina Baeva expressed her admiration for all her fiancé’s companions.

“It is very interesting, the story is good, father, the cast is spectacular. I love Susana (González) very much and she is an extraordinary actress and the whole cast in general“, he mentioned.

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