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Irina Baeva shows off her rear guard when posing from behind, wearing tight sports leggings

Irina Baeva has given his fans a surprise, by posting on his account instagram a photo in which she appears from behind and showing off her rear guard when wearing a sports set of top and leggings from the firm that she has been promoting for a long time.

The beautiful 30-year-old Russian actress also showed off her spectacular figure in a series of images that show her on vacation in Quintana Roo and on board a yacht, wearing a high-cut black swimsuit. Later she enjoyed a cocktail and by the way she modeled a red string micro bikini.

Although for months there have been rumors about a separation between Irina and her partner Gabriel Soto She shared a photo on that social network that shows them both walking by the sea. So far neither of them has made statements about a break in their relationship.

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