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Irina Baeva dresses as a bride to confirm that there will be a wedding with Gabriel Soto and denies the alleged contract between them

Irina Baeva once again clarified that continue with wedding plans with Gabriel Soto Despite the series of criticism they have received and the speculation about a possible break in their relationship, in addition to denying that they continue to appear together only to meet a contract.

It was during her visit to the Univision program, ‘Despierta América’, where the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Vino el amor’ clarified the rumors of separation with the also actor Gabriel Sotoassuring that his plans to reach the altar are still standing, he even boasted that he continues to wear his engagement ring.

“Look here we continue (pointing to the ring), Keep the wedding going, everything in order.. The truth, as we have always said, due to ‘X or Y’ circumstances that we have discussed among ourselves… finally when they ask us when is the wedding, it is something that even we do not know how to answer“, he explained.

Regarding the people who constantly criticize them, he reiterated that they prefer to focus on the positive, especially in all those who send them a message of support, affection or good wishes for the relationship that began in 2019.

“To those who have always been supporting us, to these people who are always there I want to say thank you very much, and that, we at this point we don’t have to show landa to anyone“he added.

He explained that he understands the work of the media, which is also part of his job, but for now they have decided to stop participating in “bill and dice”, since they prefer “not to be part of this game”.

After some media assured that they are still together because they have to fulfill a contract, Baeva reiterated that it is an absolute lie.

As for the contract… I haven’t received it huh!“He replied with a laugh, making it clear that he continues to enjoy a solid relationship in which no one will prevent them from being happy.

Immediately, the actress of Russian origin agreed to participate in a small sketch next to Francisca Lachapelwhere even visited as a girlfriend and answered some indiscreet questions about Gabriel Soto, such as that he does not like to go out with friends because he prefers to sleep, his feet do not smell and that he sleeps on the left side of the bed; so both confirmed that the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Mi Camino Es Amarte’ is “the perfect man“.

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