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IPVA will become more expensive for 2022

The IPVA will be more expensive for 2022, given that there will be a lot of influence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this sector has not been able to fully recover, therefore, the method to recover the loss is given by increasing this tax for those who own vehicles.

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What is the IPVA?

The Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) is a tax levied annually and its need is the same as the residence tax: to charge for the acquired property.

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This tax is only levied on cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and mopeds, but not on other vehicles that are commonly seen in the water, such as yachts, ships and even boats. Another factor is that IPVA is not charged either on planes or helicopters.

What is the expected increase in IPVA 2022?

This occurred due to the increase in car prices in 2021 in Brazil, and their average value was 24.94% in October 2020 and September 2021, according to the Consumer Price Index of the Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Foundation ( Fipe).

In the meantime, new cars saw a percentage increase of 20.72% and in the case of used cars, the value increased at extremely high levels, 30.25%. THE Treasury Department and Planning mentions that the IPVA calendar for 2022 will be prepared, and the rate will remain at 4%.

What draws the most attention is that the main information for this increase would be due to the automakers that went through major problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most factories remain short of certain parts, which include semiconductors and new cars are produced less frequently than in 2019, for example.

How can the payment of IPVA 2022 be made

The taxpayer must pay the IPVA in only one installment or up to ten installments, but if there is a preference to pay only once, it will be necessary to make this payment by the stipulated date, which would be January 17, 2022, to enjoy a discount of 10 %.

It is interesting, if possible, to always pay the IPVA in a single installment so as not to get involved with other payments and end up forgetting to make the due payments of this tax.

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