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IPVA SP 2022 | Consultation, Payment, Table

Consultation is now available IPVA SP 2022?? Owners of motor vehicles in the state of São Paulo should keep an eye out, as the time has come to pay IPVA 2022. This payment is mandatory and guarantees the renewal of the vehicle document, allowing the driver to use it without further problems. Payment takes place according to the final number on the vehicle’s license plate and there are deadlines for making the payment both in a single installment and in installments, in addition to special discounts.

For this year 2022, IPVA SP 2022 values ​​are about 7% cheaper than last year. Below, see how to check the value of your IPVA and how to make the payment.

What this article covers:

Consult Value of IPVA SP 2022

One of the first things that need to be done to pay your IPVA is to know the amount you will need to pay. Every year, the Treasury Department publishes the percentage that will be charged for each type of vehicle, but only with the consultation is it possible to know exactly the amount to be paid.

Vehicles powered by gasoline and biofuel will pay 4% of the market value. New vehicles that use alcohol, electricity or gas, purchased from January 15th, will have a 4% rate, while used vehicles with the same specifications will pay 3%.

To check the value of your IPVA in São Paulo, you must access the website of the Secretariat of Finance through this link https://www.ipva.fazenda.sp.gov.br/IPVANET_Consulta/Consulta.aspx?? Inform the RENAVAM and the license plate number, confirm the captcha and click on “Consult”. On the next page, you will be able to see the value of the IPVA and the final date for paying it.

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How to issue payment slips

To pay your IPVA, the responsible body offers several means: through the payment slip, by credit card, directly at lottery houses or also at accredited banks.

Those who have a bank account can check whether their Internet Banking has the option to pay IPVA. If so, just enter the requested information and the amount will be deducted directly from your account. If you really want to issue the payment slip, this can be done right after checking the IPVA amount.

The page will show this option to issue the receipt, you just need to follow the proper instructions and print it, and then proceed to make the payment.

IPVA SP 2022 table

IPVA 2022 can be paid in up to 5 installments in SP

Through the IPVA 2022 table, it is possible to check all tax payment deadlines.

For those with the final license plate 1, the payment of the 1st installment or single installment with a discount expired on January 7th. The second installment or single installment without discount can be paid until February 9th. The third installment can be paid until March 9.

For those with final license plate 2, the due date of the 1st installment or the single discounted quota was January 8th. It is also possible to pay in a single installment, but without a discount, until February 10, the date on which the 2nd installment also expires. The 3rd installment expires on March 10th.

The rest of the deadlines follow the same premise, always expiring the day after the previous card.

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