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IPVA SP 2022 can be paid in up to 5 installments starting in January!

João Dória, current Governor of the state of SP, announced that the IPVA payment for the year 2022 could be paid in up to five installments. Under current rules, the amount could be divided into up to three times. The announcement of the change was made last Saturday, the 11th, at a press conference held in Santos. At the time, the governor revealed that the change is also valid, as of January 2, for the licensing of new vehicles.

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Why the IPVA Installment in São Paulo in 2022?

The objective, according to the governor, is to facilitate the settlement of the amount of tax paid by vehicle owners. He also emphasized that it is necessary to understand that it will take more time for the payment to be made. This measure should reach a large part of the population who, among other problems, are still having financial difficulties due to the pandemic and its consequences.

What is the value of IPVA SP?

Despite the facilitation of the payment of IPVA 2022, the tax amount in São Paulo has increased. This happens because the price of the vehicles themselves has risen a lot, which consequently increases the tax amount, since the calculation is based on how much each car costs. In this case, both new and used vehicles increased in price.

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Each state has its own IPVA calculation method which is based on the Fipe table or the value of the car on the invoice. In addition, a specific rate for each UF is also applied. In the case of São Paulo, the rate applied on vehicles powered by gasoline or flex fuel is 4%.

In numbers, the IPVA increase in São Paulo will be around 25% to 30% compared to 2021. The percentage is consistent with the increase in vehicle prices, which rose by an average of 25% in the country. New cars had a 20% increase, while used cars had a 30% increase.


It is possible to consult the values ​​of your IPVA through the website of the DETRAN itself. For this, it is necessary to provide the requested information (Renavam, license plate, CPF). If requested, the Department of Traffic website will issue a guide that can be printed and paid by the user.

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