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IPVA price will increase in 2022

According to data released by the Economic Research Institute Foundation (FIPE), in 2022 there will be an increase in the IPVA, a tax paid to the state for all those who own a motor vehicle.

Several factors are responsible for this rise and as the situation involves money, it is always good to stay informed about price rises and falls.

Check now everything you need to know about the IPVA price increase in 2022 and how much this increase will be.

What this article covers:

Why will this IPVA increase occur?

The Brazilian scenario is one of crisis, in fact. It encompasses many things that we are used to hearing in the news, newspapers and among other communication vehicles.

The point that matters for the IPVA discussion is precisely the financial market in Brazil. Each day that passes, the real loses more value, consequently, the tendency is for several things to rise in price, including cars.

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It has already been reported by vehicle companies that raw materials for the manufacture of parts are more expensive, consequently, car creation is priced quite high. The high need to import resources from abroad is also an element that makes automotive products more expensive.

With the increase in the price of cars, the demand for semi-new cars has increased a lot, which ends up generating a large cycle of purchases. With all these facts, the number of vehicles has been increasing, causing the state to charge the tax with the highest price.

How much will this price increase be?

As already mentioned, the higher the price of cars, the higher the amount charged on the tax.

Again using data released by the FIPEit informs that the average value will be 4% of the amount spent on the purchase of the vehicle, however, there are states that charge less than that.

With everything that was raised, it is now possible to know and plan income for IPVA unpredictability and avoid headaches with this tax. The trend for both it and other taxes is to continue rising, if the Brazilian posture remains the same.

In a vast country like Brazil, it is always necessary to be informed about changes in the economy. To stay informed, stay tuned for constant updates to the site.

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