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IPVA 2022 increase and how to calculate yours!

It was made official that the value of IPVA 2022 will have a considerable increase in the next boleto of 2022. The reason for this increase was the growth in vehicle prices due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, all values ​​of this tribute should rise even for car models considered popular.

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How to calculate IPVA 2022?

For those who want to save money to save their wallet, it is advisable to previously calculate the IPVA 2022 of their vehicle. For this process, it is necessary to multiply the amount that is requested in the market for your car and the percentage requested by your State. For example, if your car is currently registered by the state of São Paulo and has a list value of R$36,000, the calculation you will need to make is 36,000 x 4%. The answer will be 1,440, that is, the amount you will have to pay IPVA 2022.

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There are three ways to pay the IPVA. In a single form, a 3% discount is offered on the value for the month of January. But there is also the installment modality in three installments, divided between the first three months of the year. Finally, there is a way to pay in a single way only in the month of March, but the discount is not offered.

How is the calculation of the IPVA 2022 of the old car done?

For owners of old vehicles, it is necessary first of all to know all the details of yours. In order to query this data correctly, it is necessary to access the site?? There will be a tab for consulting small utility cars.

After entering the data and discovering the value of your car, multiply that amount with the state rate. But remember, the result of this operation may not be the definitive value, as the corrections for the month of December have not yet been released.

Will there be an increase in the IPVA?

Yes, the increase in IPVA from 2022 to 2022 is more than certain. The reason for this increase was due to the stoppages that took place in assemblers around the world at the height of the pandemic. The law of supply and demand has caused a huge increase in o-km models. Thus, many consumers were forced to look for used vehicles.

The IPVA is paid once a year by vehicle owners. Of this amount, according to information from Sefaz, 20% is allocated to Fundeb. Then, the amount is divided in half for the State and municipality where the vehicle has the official registration. The table for the year 2022 with the values ​​has not yet been released.

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