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IPVA 2022 calendar launched by the Government of Piauí. Check out!

The government of Piauí published this last Monday (6), the IPVA table for the year 2022. All dates and discounts have been released so that citizens can find out about the next payment.

According to the state’s official website, all rules and discounts for the payment of IPVA follow the same line as in previous years.

What this article covers:

Piauí IPVA 2022 payment schedule

As disclosed, the IPVA rebate varies from 5% to 15% in single format payments. This discount is greater than in the state of Rio de Janeiro, for example. In accordance with the public IPVA 2022 calendar in Piauí, those who choose the cash method will have the following discounts:

  • Payment by January 31, 2022 in a single format: 15% discount
  • Payment by February 28, 2022 in a single format: 10% discount
  • Payment by March 31, 2022, in a single format: 5% discount

For those who wish to pay in installments, the deadlines will follow the following format:

  • Payment of the first installment on March 31, 2022
  • Payment of the second installment on April 29, 2022
  • Payment of the third installment on May 31, 2022

Keep an eye out for possible changes in the future.

How can I pay IPVA 2022?

The IPVA 2022 ticket in the state of Piauí can be purchased in digital format or printed through the Detran – PI. In this environment, it is possible to check and print the slip, in addition to obtaining information through the IPVA payment guide.

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This tax must always be up to date, non-payment of the IPVA will bring some problems to the driver, such as the restriction on renewing the car registration, fines and even loss of points on the CNH. To determine possible debts without payment, just inform yourself on the website of the Treasury Department of the state of Piauí.

Where can I pay VAT

IPVA 2022, according to information from the Treasury Department, can be settled in any authorized bank network. It is possible to settle the debt at ATMs across the state, internet banking and scheduled debit.

Lottery houses are also authorized to receive IPVA payments, to pay at one it is necessary to have the RENAVAM code in hand along with the vehicle registration.

The IPVA is a tax that is paid once a year, its value is returned to the National Treasury. Any citizen who has a means of transport in his name is obliged to pay the contribution year by year.

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