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Ipiranga credit card: how it works

For those looking for a way to shop that is functional, practical and with many benefits, the Ipiranga Credit Card offers a good option. Customers of the traditional Brazilian service station network can now count on an exclusive credit card of this brand, which is issued by Itaucard.

This credit card is especially beneficial for those who drive a lot and who use gas stations and their respective convenience stores. Therefore, find out below what the Ipiranga Credit Card is, how it works, what is its limit, how to do it and what are the benefits!

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What is the Ipiranga Credit Card?

The Ipiranga Credit Card is a card offered to customers who usually fill up their vehicles at service stations corresponding to the Ipiranga network. Issued by Itaú, the service has a Mastercard brand.

How does the Ipiranga credit card work?

The way the Ipiranga Credit Card works is quite simple, as it was created to really make life easier for its users.

It is a card that has 3 different versions, which are: prepaid, International and Platinum. It is possible to opt for a version without an annual fee, but the Internacional and Platinum cards have annual fees of R$ 180.00 and R$ 390.00, respectively.

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As with other cards, this amount can be divided into 12 installments and paid on invoices.

As for the minimum income, it must be at least R$ 1,500.00 to obtain an Ipiranga Credit Card in the Platinum version.

Customers can access three types of service channels to resolve any issue related to their card: telephone, e-mail, service chat and support center. In addition, you can count on the Ipiranga App to carry out quick operations.

What is the initial limit of the Ipiranga credit card?

The limit is not mentioned on the websites or in the service channels, as it is based on a credit analysis, which varies from customer to customer. It is only possible to know the limit after making the request and having the card approved.

How to make the Ipiranga credit card?

Applying for an Ipiranga Credit Card, in any of its versions, is already an advantage, as there is no need to go to any establishment or agency. Just access the Ipiranga website and select which card you want: platinum or International. Then it is necessary to fill in the form and allow the credit analysis.

What are the benefits of the Ipiranga Card?

In addition to international coverage, the Ipiranga Credit Card gives discounts on fuel through the “Abastece Aí” benefits program, in addition to offering up to 5% cashback.

There is also the already famous “Km de Vantagens Program”, which gives several discounts at partner stores, among which Netshoes, Camicado and Latam Travel stand out.

What are the benefits of the Ipiranga Card?

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To benefit from the program, customers must provide their CPF for each transaction at Ipiranga stores and service stations.

Because of the ease of application, added to the benefits and advantage programs, the Ipiranga Credit Card is increasingly used by drivers throughout Brazil.

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