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iPhone models that cannot edit messages sent from iMessage • ENTER.CO

On June 6, Apple announced, during the celebration of its Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC 2022), one of the great novelties that iOS 16 will bring. It is a function that already exists in Telegram and that companies such as WhatsApp or Twitter they seek to bring it to their own platforms. We are referring to the possibility of editing messages once they have been sent, without having to delete them from the iPhone app, iMessage.

However, not all smartphone users will be able to count on this update that will arrive with the new version of their operating system. According to The Verge, those who have already started testing the second beta of iOS 16 reported that the function has errors when editing a message that has previously been sent to a user who does not have a device that has its operating system updated.

According to reports delivered by some of those who have already tested the latest iOS beta, any iPhone that has software prior to the latest and receives a message edited by an iOS 16 user, instead of reading a single updated text, will receive in turn a second message notifying you that said message has been «Edited to» a new version.

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The iPhones that would not receive a single edited message are the same ones that will not support the update to iOS 16. That is, the iPhone 7, the first generation iPhone SE and all previous models of these smartphones.

The reason for the error, according to the web portal specialized in Apple products and solutions, 9to5Mac, would respond to an inconvenient solution implemented by Apple, since no old software can automatically delete an original message after sending an edited version of it. .

Editing sent messages isn’t the only update coming to the iMessage app. Apple also revealed that the next version of the iPad application will also allow, by sending links, to enable collaborative controls with which multiple contacts can be added to the same shared file, so that it can be edited together and in real time by all participants from an iMessage conversation.

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