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iPhone 14 will be more expensive and with the same storage • ENTER.CO

The latest rumor about the iPhone 14 you will not like. It is normal that when the company with the bitten apple launches a new iPhone, the price increases. But the price increase comes with better features. Or not?

There are only a few weeks to go before we can see the new iPhone 14 completely ready to hit the market. At this point the rumors begin to clear and are increasingly accurate. So one of the features that users most expected was the possible increase in internal storage to 256 GB of the new devices. This as a justification for the increase in the prices of the company’s new phones.

Most of the fans of these devices expected in the iPhone 14 Pro, it arrives with a minimum storage of 256 GB. However, according to the latest leak, this device will come with only 128 GB as in the previous versions. Part of the initial revelations of these Smartphones considered the manufacturing plan for 91 million units of the iPhone 14. This alluded to the fact that there was no serious problem in the supply chain. It remains then to establish the final price, as well as the waiting list to get one of these models.

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This latest revelation then confirms that Apple is not having problems manufacturing the phones. More units were ordered than originally advertised. And despite the number of situations with semiconductor manufacturers, as well as the low demand for devices, Apple hopes that with the iPhone 14 it will be able to surpass the number it obtained with the sale of the iPhone 13 last year. We all hope that these cell phone models are the ones with the most news. Among them, a double hole in the screen that will replace the notch, a new 48-megapixel main camera, an always-on screen and the new, more powerful and efficient A16 Bionic chip.

Image: Victor Carvalho on Unsplash

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