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iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max ‘Dynamic island’ How does it work? • ENTER.CO

Since Apple entered the market, it has made something clear and that is that it wants to differentiate itself (substantially) from other cell phone manufacturers, and it has. But, without a doubt, the novelty that came with the recently announced iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max leaves Android devices light years behind. We are talking about the much rumored notch, which, finally, is maintained, but with a series of really useful novelties.

The first change we find is his name. The company made the decision to change ‘notch’ to ‘Dynamic Island’. Really, the characteristics of the new dynamic island speak to its name. Until now, cell phones, both Android and IOS, have kept the selfie camera hole as a small space that is noticeable at the hardware level. Now, Apple has taken a giant step, combining hardware and software, so that the dynamic island is no longer just a black space on the screen, but allows the user to interact with it.

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‘Dynamic island’ adapts in real time to display important notifications, alerts and activities. In conclusion, from the new “notch” you can more easily access the cell phone controls just by holding it down. That is, from there you can change the song, see the timer you have activated and interact with the notifications that are arriving.

iPhone 14 Pro

As for its appearance, it continues to maintain an elongated, pill-like shape where it continues to house the selfie camera sensor and the respective sensors for Face ID. In this way, Apple has set a precedent, establishing that a nice format can be maintained for the main camera, but integrating it in a way that is not obtrusive for the user, but, on the contrary, can get all the juice out of it. For their part, manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi have chosen to “innovate” with wallpapers with a dark area that hides the camera hole.

Image: Apple

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