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iPhone 14 are already approved in Colombia • ENTER.CO

To the surprise of many, iPhone 14 phones are already approved in Colombia, so we could see for ourselves.

Since September 13, just a few days after they were presented to the entire world, the iPhone 14s are already approved and could be used in Colombia. This is confirmed by the Homologation Letters that are available on the website of the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC). This would indicate that they could be marketed in the country, but there are some conditions that cast some doubts, rather than answers.

Although we do not know who did it, the truth is that by consulting the CRC page it is possible to access the letters that certify the approval of the iPhone 14 in all its versions. The letter expressly states “it considers it appropriate to HOMOLOGATE the ETM brand APPLE model IPHONE 14 PRO MAX (A2894), based on the provisions of article of Resolution CRC 5050 of 2016”. The same applies to the rest of the models.

It is important to clarify that the approval letter specifies that this process in no case exempts “the corresponding authorizations or licenses that must be granted by the competent national or local authorities”, so that the court ruling could continue to be an impediment to the marketing of the teams.

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As we know, on July 11, the Civil Court 042 of Bogotá ruled in favor of Ericsson a lawsuit against Apple in which the sale and purchase of cell phones in the country is prohibited. The reason is the use of a 5G technology patent in its iPhone and iPad devices that is still unresolved. Until now, beyond learning about Apple’s appeal process in this regard, no other progress is known in this lawsuit.

Another doubt regarding the use of the iPhone 14 has to do with the appearance of the eSIM in its Pro and Pro Max models. However, we already know that Movistar and Claro have the support to offer this type of connection in Colombia and it is very easy to make the change. So, there was only the question of the homologation of cell phones by the competent authority, which is already done.

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