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iOS16 will be friendlier to people with disabilities • ENTER.CO

Live subtitles, door detection and sound recognition. These are three of the new features that iOS16 will bring to Apple devices. Accessibility functions that are designed to make life easier for people with disabilities.

The apple company has thought of everything for the launch of its new operating system for mobile devices. iOS16 comes with several features, but the ones that are definitely designed to help and make life easier for those with different abilities stand out. Next, we are going to explain in more detail what these three tools that were known about the new operating system consist of:

live subtitles

This feature will be available for all company devices. With this you can easily activate the subtitles through the configuration menu. This will apply to any audio played on your device, including phone calls, FaceTime sessions, and videos. The subtitles will appear at the top of the screen while the audio is playing. It will also be possible to customize the font size for better visibility. This is a feature for people with hearing difficulties to better navigate devices.

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door detection

This second feature that iOS16 comes with will allow you to easily zoom in on objects using only the improved iPhone camera. This is combined with the possibility of detecting automatic doors and recognizing people, utilities that work very well for people with visual disabilities. The objective is that with this tool they can detect objects or obstacles around them more easily. Door detection will be able to inform the person if the door is open or closed.

sound recognition

With this feature you can detect and receive alerts for specific sounds in your own home. This means that users can record and create their own alert sounds, rather than having to settle for pre-programmed sounds. With this fun and easy way to program sounds, hearing impaired users can be alerted to actions happening around them. In this way, they can set sound alerts for their medical devices, or unique doorbells in their homes, or jingles electronics from your appliances.

Image: Penfer on Unsplash

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