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iOS 16 will protect your iPhone from cyberattacks • ENTER.CO

Apple announced that one of the improvements that the iOS 16 operating system will have is an extreme security feature that will be called iPhone lock mode. This same function will also come to iPad and MAC devices.

This Apple development comes after the firm last year sued the creator of Pegasus NSO spyware that directly targeted users of the brand. The iPhone Lockdown Mode feature is now available in the Beta versions of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. This is the first feature of its kind on Apple devices, and the company reportedly targets users who may be targeted by highly sophisticated spyware. trade of spyware in the world it targets large numbers of people such as human rights defenders, journalists and dissidents.

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The function mechanism of this development seeks to reduce the attack surface of possible exploit and raise defenses. To do this, a series of security measures are activated while the function is running. As for messages, the feature disables the preview of links as well as non-image attachments. During web browsing, certain complex web technologies such as JavaScript are disabled, unless the user excludes a trusted site from blocking.

Regarding Apple services, the system blocks incoming invitations and requests such as FaceTime calls if the user has not previously sent a call or request. Shared albums will be removed from the Photos app, and new shared album invites will also not be allowed.

In addition to the new extreme security development, Apple announced rewards for researchers and members of the security community who successfully bypass lockdown mode to help strengthen the feature.

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