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Investments in “White Label” businesses – a new technology trend?

A new concept that has started to become more common recently is something called White Label investments. We discuss what the term is about and in which business areas it is used.

Originally, the term aims to explain the support that exists for a product or service created by one company but sold by another. These so-called “White label” products or services are then bought up by other companies without the brand itself. In recent times, the concept has gained greater importance within the gaming industry, where it has even gained a new secondary concept, unique to this particular industry. “White Label Poker Sites”, or “White Label Casino Sites” are thus new concepts that aim to make people want to take the time and knowledge to eventually enter the gaming industry as investors.

It is simply described as a way to hire yourself onto an already created platform where various casino, poker and betting games are available. In fact, many well-known sites that may operate completely independently of each other actually reside on these platforms. For example, if you want to play casino games online and turn to a site that reviews different sites, you will most likely find many “White Labels” in the same list, i.e. actors located on the same platforms. One of many players in the market that provides the same types of platforms and offerings is MRG Group. The same range that is available on https://www.mrgreen.com/sv/onlinecasino for example, can be found on their other sites, under other brand names.

Now this was just an example, but what might be good to know is that these “White Labels” offer those who want to invest in casino and betting online a package solution where everything is already in place and ready to be used.

The benefits of investing in White Label

What are the main advantages of investing in a White Label actor?

It is much faster than starting a gaming site from scratch. Often, the concept can be up and running within a couple of months, which can be compared to the usually half-year long wait for the license alone.

Many of the very largest gaming players have ready-made agreements with the Wite Label suppliers, and the investor basically only needs to choose the layout and games. If the technology has problems, there is technical support available via the platform.

As with anything else, there are two sides to the coin and there are many pitfalls to watch out for. Anyone who wants to make changes to the system may have to wait a long time as it is tied to a large platform, and you cannot expect the same mobility as in a situation where you have built your own gaming brand. In addition to this, as with all forms of investment, a thorough research regarding market volatility and analysis of various industries and their track record is required before the investment is made. Basic knowledge of stocks and investments are A and Z.

What does it take to invest?

As previously mentioned, a solid knowledge of the industry is important, but of course a decent amount of capital is required to be able to go all in on this market. How much it costs to invest varies depending on which package solution you choose, and the absolute minimum is said to be between SEK 200,000 and 1,000,000, but sometimes an even larger investment may be required if the gaming project is to pay off. Of course, it is better to have capital for your investments than to borrow money. If the investments are a few years ahead, it may be time to save money now. There are lots of tips on how you can save up your first million online, both in articles and in investor forums.

However, it’s impossible to know exactly how much is required, and industry insiders now report that the sums investors put up before the red numbers turn black can vary widely from case to case. With an investment in a White Label, however, there is always expertise available as it is in the interest of both the investor and the platform to have as good games, customer service and functioning processes as possible, which is one of the reasons why so many people feel safe with this concept.

With White Label, doors are opened for those who want to enter and invest in the casino and gaming industry. This concept offers an almost ready-made solution for those who have the time and knowledge, but as with any other investment, it is necessary to do research. And when it comes to online gambling, just right is always best – games can be addictive, so remember to play responsibly.

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