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invest in sustainable projects and make your money grow

Goparity is a Portuguese platform that already has more than 33,000 users and more than 260 funded projects, where anyone can invest and profit in a sustainable way.

Create positive, environmental and social impact, directly and indirectly, while increasing your savings? Yes, it is possible to invest with Goparity. And this investment option is available to any citizen. As? We explain right away.

Goparity: sustainable investments with return

A Goparity is a sustainable investment platform that was born in 2017 and which, to date, has financed more than 260 projects with positive social and/or environmental impacts.

Through this platform, investors – any citizen or company that wants to invest at least €5 – lend money to companies of their choice and can obtain a return of up to 8% per year (TANB). Goparity stands out for its transparency, providing investors with detailed information about each project and the respective company promoting that project. In this way, investors have visibility on the application of the money they decide to invest.

If, as a rule, you channel part of your salary into a savings account with a low return, why not consider investing that amount (or a part of it) in a project that, in addition to a greater financial return, will also be contributing to an economy greener?

Goparity’s proposal is exactly that: monetize your savings by investing in projects with a positive impact on society and the planet. It is a form of alternative financing already dubbed as the investment of the future.

Spend money ethically

The projects that are funded through Goparity have already contributed to the creation of around seven thousand jobs, supported around 200 thousand people in vulnerable situations and contribute to avoiding the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – minus 23.8 thousand tons of emissions per year.

Have you ever stopped to think that the money you have in the bank is always on the move and that you have no idea where it goes? With Goparity you can know exactly how the money is being used.

This investment model is an alternative to traditional banks, through which citizens and companies can apply your money while supporting projects aligned with your values.

A startupwhich was born in Porto, bases its activity on the business model crowdlending, in Portuguese Collaborative Financing. At the crowndlending the investors (crowd) lend (legend) money to companies to develop (in this case sustainable) projects and the money is later returned to investors with interest.

It works very simply and already has over 30,000 users from over 70 countries.

Who can invest with Goparity?

Anyone and any company that wants to get a return on their investments. Each can invest between €5 and €25,000 per project.

And how does the process work?

As an investor, you can manually choose the projects to invest in and obtain a return of up to 8% TANB (Gross Nominal Annual Rate or interest rate on financial investments).

You can also opt for automatic investment, according to investment criteria previously defined by you, or create an automatic savings account (with monthly direct debits to your account).

The good news doesn’t stop there: there are no opening fees, no management fees for Goparity users. After investing, you can track the impact of your investments on the platform.

Why invest in sustainability?

The answer is simple. We live in a world that has changed, with more access to information, where more and more people want (and can) play an active role in preserving our planet and in the quality of life of the communities that inhabit it.

Sustainability is, today, a necessity even from an economic point of view, also becoming a trend for companies. With consumers increasingly aware of their choices and habits, organizations that produce and sell goods and services have to keep up with the growing demand for lifestyles with a positive impact.

Investment in sustainability can directly benefit sustainable services, products and brands, and it is essential for markets to keep an eye on valuing innovative business models and the impact of their sustainable actions.

Track your investments on the Goparity App

The community of investors and promoters (organizations seeking funding) can manage their investments and loans anytime and from anywhere. All you need is the Goparity app installed and internet access.

The GoParity app is available free of charge to iOS It is android.

Create your account in the app now

Register with Goparity, choose from open projects and invest while contributing to a more sustainable society!

Are you a promoter? Do you want to finance your sustainable business?

If you are a company and want to develop a project with a positive impact, you can get fast financing from Goparity (within three weeks) and without any hidden fees.

Goparity has helped fund over 260 projects and the next one could be yours. Submit your funding request and make it visible to a community of thousands of investors.

Learn more at goparity website.

Make your simulation now

Profiting from projects that contribute to social and environmental sustainability is a trend with a future and Goparity wants to democratize this financial investment model.

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