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Intragastric balloon in Las Palmas

If you live in Las Palmas or nearby and you plan to treat an overweight problem, you may be interested in knowing how from Obymed, slimming clinic in Las Palmas We can help you fight excess weight with an intragastric balloon.

We explain what you need to know to deal with a problem of obesity in las Palmas:

How to treat overweight?

In Obymed As specialists in the treatment of overweight and obesity, we offer all the techniques that exist to treat obesity. However, for an overweight problem, the Intragastric Balloon is undoubtedly an excellent option. You can see what the technique consists of at this link. But beyond the operation of the satiety control technique, we explain what our program consists of Intragastric Balloon in Las Palmas.

Intragastric Balloon: Informative visit

It is a technique that has proven to be effective in treating overweight, but it is not suitable for everyone. At our slimming clinic in Las Palmasour medical team will assess your case.

Las Palmas Obymed Intragastric Balloon Program

If the ball is the appropriate technique, the next step is to follow the phases you will go through until you manage to change your eating habits. In this medical follow-up you will be accompanied, supervised and guided by our specialists: nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, etc.

It is a long process but we promise you it will be short. There is nothing more motivating than seeing that changes are taking place and you yourself will do things that you may have never thought you were going to do. Here are some testimonials from our Obymed heroes.

Intragastric balloon testimonial in Las Palmas

Why Obymed Las Palmas?

Choosing the medical team is key to guaranteeing a good experience. If you live in Las Palmas and are looking for a place to treat overweight with the Intragastric Balloon in Las Palmas, we explain why it is a good idea for you to come and see us:

  • At Obymed we have more than 20 years of experience and more than 3,000 patients treated for overweight or obesity.
  • Our medical team is an international benchmark in bariatric endoscopy techniques (this is non-surgical treatment of obesity such as the Intragastric Balloon and the Apollo Method)
  • If the intragastric balloon is not the most appropriate technique for you, we treat overweight and obesity with other options (nutritional re-education programs, the Apollo Method, pharmacological treatment, etc.
  • Medical team: Our medical team is led by Dr. Rafael León, an internationally recognized obesity treatment specialist in techniques such as the Intragastric Balloon or the Apollo Method and an international trainer in the Apollo Method. Along with Dr. Rafael León – as medical director – our team is made up of different professionals who cover all areas of overweight and obesity treatment.

Now that you have all the basic information about treatment with intragastric balloon in Las Palmas, all that remains is for you to come and see us. We will wait for you!

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