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International Cat Day: the zodiac signs that love cats the most

On the occasion of International Cat Day, which is celebrated this Monday, August 8astrology tells us which signs of the zodiac are the ones that prefer to enjoy the pranks and irreverence of this feline and adopt it as a pet.

The cat is the only animal that celebrates its day 3 times a year. According to the site, on February 20 all kitties are celebrated in honor of the Clinton family cat, who died on February 20, 2009; on August 8 to coincide with the highest fertile time of the year in the northern hemisphere, this date was promoted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. And on October 29 in the United States to raise awareness about the number of abandoned cats.

There are astrological reasons to understand why there are people who prefer these animals to other pets like dogs, for example.

Cats are independent creatures with a bittersweet sense of humor, very similar to the character of the 4 signs of the zodiac. Because of this association, there is a natural attraction between these signs and domestic cats. Based on an article from PureWow, we tell you which are the signs that love cats the most.

The zodiac sign that loves cats the most is Capricorn. The planet that rules this sign is Saturn, the same one that rules cats. This star is associated with limits, structures and responsibilities. When we learn to respect the limits of the cat, they reward us with affection.

The kittens do not give up their affections easily, just as Capricorn makes many efforts to achieve their goals and objectives. Both speak the same language, that’s why they understand each other and will love like few others.

Astrology believes that this sign is the one with the most similar personality to cats. They are distant, independent, eccentric and limit their affectionsbehavior that fully describes domestic felines.

When Aquarius has a cat as a pet, they respect their space and let them be free, but they take advantage of the moments together to have quality time. This sign has the patience to gain the trust of a timid or skittish cat, once clicking, they will be an inseparable couple.

He is the feline of the zodiac, so naturally he understands cats perfectly. Although they have different personalities, since the lion likes to be the center of attention and allows himself to be loved, while a cat is cold and prefers to keep a distance, both complement each other.

Leo is not a home sign, but having a cat as a pet makes him want to be home. Your social networks will go from being a catalog of selfies to a diary about your cat’s tastes and curiosities.

According to astrology, Pisces is a sign that does not like pets very much, so in case you want one, cats are the best option because they are low maintenance and care. However, this sign is warm towards the ones she loves, and when she learns to love her cat, she will create an emotional and spiritual bond.

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