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‘Interactive maps’ the digital strategy to improve mobility in Bogotá • ENTER.CO

‘Interactive maps’ is the new strategy that seeks to improve mobility in Bogotá. The works and other constructions in the city are generating more traffic jams than normal and with this interactive guide the idea is to help drivers take better routes.

The city’s Ministry of Mobility released the digital book ‘Run Bogota on Maps’. In this tool you will find more than 90 interactive cartographies contained in 12 chapters with different mobility themes. The purpose of this interactive guide is that drivers and citizens can locate in real time and georeference the mobility projects that are currently being carried out. It includes projects that are under development in the short, medium and long term.

Felipe Ramírez, Secretary of Mobility, explained that these maps contain information on “sustainable infrastructure, ecological transport footprint, road accident statistics, technological implementation, mobility habits of citizens, among many others.” With this information, citizens will understand in greater detail how mobility and well-being in the city are combined. Descriptive images and videos of the mobility projects in the city, may be reproduced through 12 chapters that are:

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  1. pedestrians
  2. cyclists
  3. Girls and boys first
  4. Public transport
  5. Private transport
  6. Ambient
  7. road accident rate
  8. Signage and infrastructure
  9. monitoring and control
  10. Mobility survey 2019
  11. city ​​vision
  12. Women and urban mobility

Those interested in accessing this ‘Interactive Maps’ tool must connect and navigate between each of the chapters that will provide important information on mobility in Bogotá. The goal is for this book to be constantly updated and it is expected to include aspects such as the results of the 2023 Mobility Survey. As well as projects, progress in road infrastructure, including real-time information on the behavior of vehicle speeds and volumes. in the city.

Image: Vicent Ibañez on Flickr

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