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Intensely, finally, it would have a sequel at Pixar • ENTER.CO

Intensely, according to rumors, he would be back… but with some important absences (due to Disney’s stinginess).

This weekend it is better that you walk all the time with signal and connected. The reason is that Disney celebrates D23, its presentation event in which it provides details of everything that is coming for its Pixar, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars franchises. Although we hope that the real news marathon arrives this weekend, we already have some rumors running through the event and one of them will excite its fans: a sequel to Intensely (Inside Out) would be announced this weekend.

The first thing is that for now the only thing we have is a rumor that comes from Puck, a Disney insider. The company hasn’t confirmed or hinted that a sequel is on the way, and Puck clarifies that what he has is mostly “stuff he’s heard.” That said, there are some interesting facts.

For example, in the English version two of the actors who played the characters will not return with Bill Hader (Fear) and Mindy Kaling (Disgust) not returning to the film. The reason is that Amy Poehler, who plays Felicidad, would earn close to more than five million dollars to return to her role, while the rest of the cast only received an offer of $100,000 more.

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Although on this side of the hemisphere the news doesn’t really affect us, it doesn’t paint Disney very well. It’s hard to think why they wouldn’t invest more in their voice cast considering how commercially successful the first film was. It also leaves a bitter taste, because apparently the reason he made the decision not to invest was in the possibility of getting more ‘cheap’ replacements, a decision that should not make the people at Pixar who have already complained feel better. for the way in which the studio has turned his projects into ‘secondary’ films within the company’s catalogue.

It is a pity that, if the rumors are true, the return of Intensely is complemented by these absences. The idea of ​​continuing to explore an adventure of emotions as mature, tender and memorable as Inside Out seemed like one of those safe bets. Perhaps the first person to connect with your emotions is the executive decision maker at Disney.

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