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Insurance for travelers: understand how it works

Are you planning a trip to vacation family or work? Know that it is extremely important to arrange travel insurance. In addition to being a mandatory rule for entering some countries, it has the function of solving several possible problems during your trip, after all, we all know that unforeseen events can happen. Below is information about what travel insurance is, how it works and what its benefits are:


What this article covers:

What is travel insurance

Travel insurance is a support service for problems that may occur during your trip, such as: urgent and emergency medical care, compensation for lost luggage, repatriation of the body in case of death, funeral and others.

Because it’s important?

Although the occasions when it is necessary to use travel insurance seem unlikely or even frightening, we must be realistic and assume that all of them can happen to anyone. Therefore, when purchasing travel insurance, you have assistance and financial support to deal with such unforeseen events.

In addition, to enter some countries that we will present throughout this post, it is mandatory to have travel insurance.

How it works

The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) is the body that regulates insurance companies, it is very important that when hiring this service you verify the integrity and reputation of the company in question. The insurance will be valid according to the duration of your trip, covering previously defined eventualities and consequences, from common to more serious situations.


Considering the Schengen Agreement, a convention between European countries on the policy of opening borders and free movement of people, it is mandatory that the traveler has travel insurance to enter certain countries, namely: Germany; Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Estonia; Finland; France; Greece; Netherlands; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Liechtenstein; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Czech republic; Sweden and Switzerland.

There are other countries that are not part of the Agreement but require insurance, as is the case of Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba, for example. It is worth researching this rule in advance as it can vary by location.

Pay attention to the bureaucratic part

After contracting the travel insurance of your choice, do not forget to keep the policy and contacts in a safe and easily accessible place, in case you need to use it. In addition, it is important to leave this information with someone you trust so that, if necessary, contact the insurer.


As already mentioned here, the insurance coverage of travel may vary according to what was contracted with the insurer. Now we will present which are the most common. In cases of personal accidents, travel insurance covers the following situations: permanent disability, natural death, accidental death and body transfer.

With regard to health problems, there are usually two types of assistance: the first as insurance in which the contractor bears the costs and then receives reimbursement and the second as assistance, in which it can only be attended by clinics, hospitals and professionals. contracted to the company.

There are other types of coverage that are usually optional, but can make your trip much easier if you need to use them, for example: damage to luggage, including theft, theft and loss; trip cancellation for non-reimbursable expenses such as accommodation and transportation; early return, in relation to expenses necessary for the return to the place of origin and also funeral compensation.

How to choose an insurer

As with contracting any important service, you should pay attention to some details to ensure that the broker, brokerage company or insurance company of your choice are the best possible to assist you if necessary.

First, look at the value. Travel insurance does not necessarily have an exorbitant value, choose companies that offer intermediate values, be wary of very low or very high prices.

Look for reviews from people who have already contracted this service and check the situation and reputation of the company to be hired with SUSEP, also considering availability for contact, after all, you have to be sure that you will be attended to when you need it, right? ?

Many people choose to use insurance offered by credit cards. But it’s important to note that this can be extremely risky. First, because the coverage ends up being very unlimited and impersonal and, second, it can be very difficult to contact, unlike companies specializing in this type of service, credit cards tend to have difficulty in this regard.

Now that you know everything about travel insurance, choose your trusted company and travel with peace of mind, making sure you are prepared and assisted in case of any unforeseen events. Did you remember any tips about travel insurance that we didn’t mention here? Share with us in the comments and help other travelers on duty!

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