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Insurance for the self-employed: how it works

What coverages are included?

Insurance for self-employed workers covers the benefits legally owed in the event of an accident at work that affects the insured person. This type of insurance has the following coverage, which may vary according to the insurer:

  • Average, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses;
  • Payment of pensions for temporary incapacity;
  • Payment of pensions for permanent incapacity;
  • Expenses in the event of death;
  • Psychological assistance.

What is considered an accident at work?

Accidents at work within the scope of work accident insurance for a self-employed person are considered to be accidents that occur:

  • At the place where the services are provided;
  • During travels between the residence and the place where services are provided and between this and the place of meals;
  • During travel between the place where services are provided and another where due assistance is provided to the worker due to an accident.

It is also possible to add other coverages that protect the worker in case of accidents that occur during their extra-professional activities, the so-called personal accident insurance. However, this is an optional type of coverage.

What is the territorial scope?

Work insurance for self-employed workers is valid for the entire national territory and for the territory of the member states of the European Union in which or in which the worker carries out his activity. However, the period of stay in these countries cannot normally exceed 15 days. But it is always possible to contract an extension of coverage with the insurer.

How to choose the best insurance?

There are several possibilities of insurance that the self-employed person has to choose from, made available either by insurance companies or by banks. To find out which is the best offer on the market, our advice is to use online simulators to compare different policies and their respective coverage.

How much does insurance cost?

The value of the insurance premium varies according to your age, professional activity, salary and the additional coverage you hire.

To give you an idea, we have simulated how much a content writer 35 years oldwhich receives a average monthly salary of €1000 you will have to pay for your work insurance. You prices vary between €225 and €275 and the coverages of each insurance offer have some differences. It can pay off to pay a little more and have broader coverage, in addition to the mandatory one.

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