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Install blinds: step by step

Curtains are fundamental items for home environments. However, in recent years, they are gradually being replaced by more modern and practical pieces, which are called blinds🇧🇷

The blinds allow you to better control the entry of light. (Photo: Disclosure)

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blinds in decoration

Like the curtain, the blinds have specific functions in the environment, such as guaranteeing the privacy of residents and offering sun protection. The piece also contributes to the decoration and, depending on the model, optimizes the feeling of warmth.

The blinds normally control the luminosity through the inclination of the blades🇧🇷 These pieces are perfect for kitchen, bathroom, home office and living room. Another important feature concerns the clean and elegant look.

You blind models most commonly found on the market are made of aluminum. The pieces have opening and closing mechanisms, which can be both manual and motorized. At modern versions of blinds always seek to offer more practicality and convenience to the lives of residents.

Horizontal blinds. (Photo: Disclosure)

Blinds are more expensive and, depending on the design, make the environment look like an office. Compared to traditional curtains, the pieces are more practical to handle, guarantee lightness and greater control of light entry.

The ambient window can be dressed with horizontal or vertical blinds🇧🇷 The first format is indicated for offices, but can also be installed in small domestic areas. The model with vertical slats, in turn, is more sophisticated, easy to operate and ideal for large windows.

The frequency of use and solar intensity are the main factors responsible for blinds wear🇧🇷 To increase the useful life of the parts, it is recommended to carry out periodic maintenance and clean them correctly.

How to install blinds?

Before drilling the wall, it is important to make the markings. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE installation of a blind basically consists of marking the wall, drilling with a drill, fixing the side supports, fit the blind into the brackets, lock the structure and fit the rod. Before assuming the role of installer, it is always important to carefully read the manufacturer’s guidelines, especially if there is an automation system.

Necessary tools: Shutter, Side support (right/left), center support, wind brace, level, rod, hammer, drill, screwdriver, pen or pencil.

The following video shows the step by step to install blinds at home the best way possible. Check out:

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