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Instagram will block sensitive content for teenagers • ENTER.CO

The social network Instagram will block what it considers as sensitive content for teenagers. This means that by default certain posts will be confidential for users under the age of 16.

An important fact is that those who are already registered in this social network and are under 16 years of age will be forced to adopt this protection. Instagram’s goal is to protect young people from content that is considered harmful to mental health. This information was released on the platform’s official blog, where it is stated that the measure applies immediately to new registered users. However, it will still be possible to go to the account settings to see the standard mode again.

Firearms and drugs are just some of the content that will be filtered under this setting. That applies only to platform-recommended content that you get from using search and browsing. It also applies to the hashtag pages, in the Reels, in the main thread and for the suggested accounts. This confirms that content that is posted by accounts followed by the user will continue to display normally.

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In this way, Instagram is encouraging teenagers who are part of its users to take the new security and privacy settings. In other words, users who are already on the platform and are under 16 years of age will receive messages from the application to activate this configuration mode. In addition to this, it will promote a little more responsible use of this platform by highlighting several options for them. Among them, being able to control who shares their content, who can send them messages, who can contact them. Likewise, they will be able to determine what content to see in the feed of the social network and even suggestions on how to better manage the time they spend while they are browsing the platform.

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