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Instagram tests new streaming tool with software • ENTER.CO

Content producers and broadcast companies are soon contracting with a new Instagram tool to make live streams using software like OBS, Streamyard and Streamlabs. In this way, users of the social network on PC will no longer have to download other programs to broadcast from the social network.

The social network, which belongs to Meta, confirmed to TechCrunch that this tool is currently in a testing phase. It is not fully installed for all Instagram users. The developers and managers of the social network confirm that they are working continuously to make Instagram Live a significant tool for developers. This new integration for Instagram Live opens up a host of production features outside of the phone’s camera and microphone. That is, producers will be able to integrate additional cameras, external microphones and even graphics.

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The way in which these new functionalities can be used, the first thing to do is to select the type of software to be used for the transmission. Already in the transmission software interface it is located where to enter the URL and the transmission key, these two facts will allow you to correctly configure the transmission software on Instagram Live. Later on desktop Instagram, click on “Add Post” and then select “Live” from the drop-down menu. The new functionality will be known as Live Producer and it is not yet clear when it will be fully available to users of the social network. The tool, which will be available only for the desktop version, is expected to start being released, so it could take a few days to be available in regions such as Colombia.

Image: Solen Feyissa on unsplash.com

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