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Instagram Reels fall short compared to TikTok • ENTER.CO

Instagram reels are falling short to compete with TikTok. At least this is revealed by an internal report from the Meta company itself, Instagram’s parent company.

This means that the social network’s attempt to position itself as a tough competitor against TikTok is failing in its strategy. Instagram has spent a lot of time and money on developments and feature updates to compete against TikTok. Even in this update race, Instagram made a misstep for the first time with an update that caused a crisis that involved complaints from several celebrities, for which it had to reverse the changes.

Now, an internal report accessed by The Wall Street Journal reveals that Instagram is focused on courting content creators. However, the panorama of preference for reels is in sharp decline. The numbers don’t lie, while TikTok users spend 197.8 million hours a day on this platform, Instagram users only spend 17.6 million watching reels. This is revealed in the document called “Creators x Reels State of the Union 2022”.

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This report is dated August and details that in the last 4 weeks the participation in the reels has fallen by 13.6%. In addition, he says that “the majority of Reels users do not have any participation”. What is possibly happening to Instagram is that most of the time there is no original content for Reels. Almost a third of the videos are made with other platforms that come with a watermark that gives them away.

So much so that recycled TikToks flooded Reels, forcing the social network to come out and clarify that it reduces reposted content in recommendations. To incentivize new Reel creations, Instagram and Meta have earmarked $1 billion to pay creators through the end of the year to attract more original content. However, Devi Narasimhan, a spokesperson for Meta, told The Verge that the figures for time spent watching Reels compared to TikToks in the report is outdated and not global.

Image: Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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