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“Instagram is an amplifier of envy” • ENTER.CO

The entire judicial dilemma that is developing between Elon Musk and Twitter could have been avoided, if not for a trill from the billionaire that caused a promise of sale by him. Musk began by assuring that he did not like Twitter, arguing that the social network does not defend the principles of freedom of expression. We blinked and Elon Musk and Twitter already had a purchase agreement; the rest is history.

The point is that now Elon Musk is attacking Instagram. The billionaire pointed to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network as an “envy amplifier.” Musk’s trill took place in a video by Bershkire Hathaway vice president Charlie Munger; in the video, the vice president talked about envy, pointing out that the world is not really moved by greed as we all think, but by envy.

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Elon Musk responded to said video, posted by an account under the username of @Austen, with the simple phrase: “Instagram is an amplifier of envy”. However, we already know the scope of those short phrases and their inciting emojis. In fact, within the multiple comments that Musk’s tweet received, there were several users who suggested that he buy Facebook and close it or do something better for it. For his part, Mark Zuckerberg has not commented on the matter. Although to be honest, it is almost impossible for the owner of Meta to want to sell the company’s flagship social network, if that were the end of Musk’s claim.

For now, the owner of SpaceX continues in the legal mess that has been going on for at least a month against Twitter. In this first phase, the lawyers of both parties are gathering the witnesses and statements with which they will defend themselves in court. The trial will begin on October 17.

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