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Instagram doesn’t want to show you photos, these 4 alternatives do • ENTER.CO

Although a few days ago, Instagram announced that it would take a step back with some functions that users did not like very much, the reduction in the visibility of photos is not among them. That is, Instagram will get rid of its TikTok-type format that showed photos and videos in full screen. However, the reels are still what is shown the most, unfortunately for those who love photos.

And it is that, even the Kardashians joined to say “we want to see the photos of our friends”, which was Instagram’s badge at first. But do not lose your cool, if you want to continue sharing your photos and see what your friends share, there are some alternatives that you may like.

Surely, if you search for “alternative applications to Instagram” among the first results, this option will appear. And it is that this is like having Instagram, but open source and decentralized, that is, a little more secure. However, if you decide to use this social network, it will be essential that you take a basic course on it. Well, the first thing you should do to start in the app is to choose a server where you will stay. For example, the most used is pixelfed.social, which has more than 55,000 users, but it seems that it is already full.

Said like this, you will have to search among the multiple servers and choose the one that most catches your attention or create your own. One of the differences between this tool and Adam Mosseri’s is that here you can exclusively share photos. As for its disadvantages; As you could tell, it’s not a well-known social network, so if you want your creations to be seen by many people, maybe you should look at another option.


This application also works as a social network, quite similar to Instagram, except for the reels and stories. The app is currently implementing “verification” of people, based on the number of people who follow them, so if your dream is to be an influencer, this can be a good option. At the moment, Vero maintains that “it will be free for the first users”, however, it is still free. Even so, it is not ruled out that in the future it may be paid.


This, without a doubt, is one of the best known tools. And it is that, the greatest advantage of this social network is that it allows you, not only to publish your creations, but also to earn money by selling them. This application also has the option to share both photos and videos, however, it has a great limitation: the number of publications. Flickr also works as a multimedia file store, but in its free version, it will allow you to upload up to 1,000 items, but you can have only 50 files as “not visible”.


VSCO is an online space that allows photographers and creators in general to share their photographic creations with a large public. Among its advantages are the editing options, which you can expand if you pay for a premium account. People who do not have an account in the app will be able to see what users share, but will not be able to comment, while members can.


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