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Instagram deleted PornHub account, why? • ENTER.CO

The social network Instagram removed the PornHub account from its platform, but did not explain the reasons for this decision.

The adult content platform account had more than 13.1 million followers on its Instagram profile and more than 6,200 posts on the date of its deactivation. For now, spokespersons for the Meta company, Instagram’s parent company, did not respond to questions regarding this decision that eliminated the PornHub account.

Although the social network’s decision on the profile of the platform was surprising, just over a month ago franchises such as Visa and Mastercard cut commercial ties with TrafficJunky, the advertising arm of PornHub (MindGeek). The decision of these franchises is related to the judicial ruling of a federal court. The court refused to remove Visa from the lawsuit against MindGeek for allegedly promoting the distribution of child pornography.

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The official PornHub Instagram profile was dedicated to sharing non-explicit content. Although he would have directly promoted pornography by showing videos like “Next Career Goal” with which he encouraged people to become porn artists. This revealed Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the US National Center on Sexual Exploitation. This institution is among those that are pressuring the social network to remove the PornHub account.

In Hawkins’ opinion, with this decision Instagram would be “choosing to stop associating with PornHub” and asked that other corporations do the same. The PornHub account on social networks like Twitter has 3.4 million followers and is still active. Likewise, on YouTube this platform has an official channel with 882,000 subscribers.

It did not come out if Instagram’s decision is related to this lawsuit against PornHub, accused of exploitation and monetization of a video where a minor under 13 appears. The case is that of Serena Fleites, who affirms that when she was 13 years old she was forced by her boyfriend to make an explicit sexual video. This lawsuit is just one of several individual lawsuits teachers filed last year against PornHub and MindGeek.

Image: Franco Alva on Unsplash

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