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Instagram and TikTok could be ruining your happiness and your pocket • ENTER.CO

Both the finances and the happiness of users of social networks like Instagram and TikTok could be being ruined. This was revealed by a recent Bankrate study collected by Fortune. This is not new, in the past both social networks, the most popular among young people, have developed tools to mitigate this effect with unsatisfactory results.

The most interesting thing about the study result is that both happiness and finances are related. Specifically, the study points out situations with compulsive purchases within social networks. That is, after seeing an advertisement on Instagram, a user decides to buy a product that he did not need. First error. It turns out that shortly after buying the product, he sees another user on the same social network who has a product that he himself judges to be better than the one he just bought, and that’s where the regret begins. The results of the study show that the actions of social networks lead to undervaluing what you have or even undervaluing what you just bought.

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The expectations in relation to products and services are directly affected by the same publications on social networks. And the most problematic thing is that this feeling does not only happen with material things, but also with trips and other types of daily life experiences. The study, carried out in the territory of the United States, shows that 64% of those surveyed who compulsively bought said they had regretted at least one of their purchases. Although the publication consulted is located only in the United States, it is not surprising that this same situation is occurring anywhere. This result shows that in social networks there is an eagerness to show only the best of us, something that is far from some aspects of daily life and reality.

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