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Instagram allows you to share publications with QR codes • ENTER.CO

Instagram now allows any post or reel of users is shared with QR code. This is the latest update that the social network has for everyone.

Another novelty that comes with this function is that the location will be shared with a QR code through the search experience on the map. The purpose of this update is to make it easier for you to send posts without having to do it with direct messages or a URL QR code. This feature can be very useful to help drive marketing campaigns and even highlight businesses.

It is interesting, because this function was activated silently for all users of the platform and when it was detected, it began to be massively tested. Using it is very simple, you just have to go to any reel, publication or location. Press the three menu points until you see the options. Until now, the QR code sharing feature was only available for profiles on Instagram. It is the first time that this is possible to do with individual publications. A spokesperson for Meta spoke about it. He said the purpose is “to make it easy for people and businesses to share specific content, be it profiles, tags, locations, reels and more.”

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Alessandro Paluzzi, an application detective, had already said so. He said that the social network I would be working on the function that Instagram allows you to share QR codes. For now, noIt is not clear whether the QR code sharing feature is being rolled out to all users worldwide, although it appears that it is. The utilities of the QR code can be many, from actors who will be able to promote their films by publishing the code. As well as companies that speed up their purchase processes through. of these types of codes.

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