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INSS will pay a salary for children and adolescents

Learn here how to receive a minimum wage for children and adolescents under 16 enrolled in the Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC) of the INSS.

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It was established by the Organic Law of Social Assistance (Loas) that the Benefit of Continuous Provision (BPC) is a social assistance offered to people with some type of disability, which is a long-term impediment of a physical, mental, intellectual and/or physical nature. or sensory, in which their interaction with society is not given in a full and effective way in relation to other people.

In order for the child and/or adolescent to have access to the right to the Continuous Provision Benefit (BPC), it is necessary to prove that he or she does not perform well on a daily basis, both at school and in their social participation with children and adolescents. teenagers your age. Your degree of disability must be purchased through examinations, reports and medical certificates in order to be given access to the right of.

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Both children and adolescents need to prove the degree of their disability through exams, medical reports and certificates, which can prove their disability and be entitled to the Benefit of Continued Provision (BPC).

In addition, the necessary requirement to be respected in order to obtain the benefit is the presentation of an income per person in the family, which, in 2021, must be less than 1/4 of the minimum wage.

What documentation is required to access the BPC minimum wage entitlement?

The documentation required to access the right to a minimum wage of the Continuous Cash Benefit is a power of attorney and/or term of legal representation, as well as an identification document with photo and CPF of the attorney and/or representative, if there is a legal representative. In some cases, specific documentation is requested to update the applicant’s registration and/or activity.

In addition, the child and/or adolescent needs to be enrolled in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) to have access to the right to Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC).

In order to carry out the registration of the child and/or adolescent, you must go to Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS) in your city.

It was presented on the right to the Continued Benefit (BPC) of a salary for children and adolescents with some type of disability, as well as the step-by-step process for accessing the right.

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