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INSS payroll has new rates in force

This Thursday (09/12/2021), the National Social Security Council (CNPS) authorized an increase in the maximum interest charged on payroll loan procedures for INSS pensioners and retirees. Due to this reason, in recent months interest rates have risen considerably.

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Increase in the maximum interest charged on payroll loans for INSS retirees and pensioners: how did it go?

Law 14.131/21, which determines the increase of 5%, entered into force on March 31 of this year and will be valid until December 31. For this reason, monthly interest rates in recent months jumped from 1.8% to 2.4%. An example of this growth is Banco Santander, which currently has a monthly average of 1.59%, but which over the weeks could reach 2.14%.

What is the action of the main Brazilian banks?

Bradesco intends to align the rates, according to the normative indication of the INSS. Banco do Brasil, on the other hand, informed that it did not adjust its rates for pensioners and retirees, since this bank analyzes competition and market fundamentals, in order to establish competitive conditions.

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Banco Itaú, said that it is in the process of evaluating in order to determine when it will make changes to the maximum rate for future contracts. He also highlighted that, depending on the profile of the payroll and his relationship with the institution, this will have the lowest rate in the market.

How are the changes in the INSS for 2022?

It is important to pay attention to the changes that will happen in the year 2022. In recent days, several changes to the INSSincluding new payment amounts and deadlines.

The benefit amounts will be recalculated due to the change in the minimum wage, so it is expected that the amount paid by the body will be close to R$ 1,200.00. Another change is the adjustments in interest rates, with this, payroll loans will have a monthly average charged of 3.06% per month.

The Federal Government, considered the indicators of the National Consumer Price Index, which performs analyzes on 2021, and says that the minimum wage can be changed by increasing its value to R$ 1,210.44.

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