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INSS offers benefits to those who suffer from this condition

By law, there is a determination that people with the chronic disease diabetes can receive all medication and treatments free of charge through the SUS. It is also possible, depending on the degree of diabetes, that the patient becomes extremely debilitated and is unable to perform his activities, so this and other rights must be ensured.

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How to know if you are entitled, is it valid for all diabetics?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is not included in the list of disabilities. Despite this, there are cases considered serious that generate the worker’s inability to exercise their profession, thus, it becomes possible to benefit from the INSS for this group of people.

To make use of this benefit, it is necessary to prove the weakening or progression of the disease through a medical examination requested by the INSS. Thus, if the condition is proven, the worker may be entitled to accident aid, sickness aid and even disability retirement.

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Sickness aid is available to people who have at least twelve contributions a month and are unable to work for more than 15 consecutive days. In this way, the insured person will have the benefit provided by law.

As for the accident allowance, the benefit is granted to policyholders who prove unalterable sequelae, arising from accidents at work or illnesses capable of reducing the ability to perform activities, which is the case of diabetes.

What INSS benefits are available?

In addition to illness and accident allowances, people with diabetes in severe cases may have other benefits provided by law. It is necessary and extremely important for the person to look for information about their case and make use of their rights. See the main benefits.

Free access drugs

All people with diabetes must receive, at no cost, the medicines necessary for the treatment, in addition to the materials used for application and monitoring of the condition. For this, the person must be registered in the SUS card and in the Hypertension and Diabetes Program.


Diabetes is not considered a disability, but in severe cases, there may be the person’s inability to carry out their work and even day-to-day activities. Thus, it is possible to be entitled to the BCP/LOAS following its legal framework.

Hiring a health plan

Any health plan operator is obliged to accept the adhesion of any patient with diabetes. In this case, at the time of hiring, the person must complete a declaration containing information about his condition.

Thus, it is necessary to choose between two options. The first is the grievance, which is basically an increase in the amount paid for the monthly fee. In this way, diabetes coverage will be included in the contract.

The patient also has the option of temporary format partial coverage. In it, within a period of 24 months, the contracting person will not benefit from procedures and surgeries, after the end of the period, coverage becomes full.

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