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INSS medical examinations for disability benefits were suspended

This Thursday, the 13th, the INSS suspended medical examinations related to the disability benefit reassessment program. The resolution was taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

People who had not gone through the INSS expertise for a period of more than six months and who still did not have an established date for the suspension of the aid were summoned for the review of the disability benefit. Retirees due to disability and insured persons who receive assistance for the disabled are not included in this group.

With the suspension decision, however, some things have changed.

What this article covers:

The INSS said that the review inspections that were scheduled will now be carried out in the second half of 2022, with dates still to be defined.

The institute also said that it will inform all people who had an expert examination scheduled, and should carry it out in the second half of the year, about the decision and also about the definitions of future dates.

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Policyholders who had been summoned for review were assured that they would not go without receiving the aid money until the new medical examination takes place.

The suspension decision does not affect the joint efforts organized by the INSS in order to perform medical expertise that were already scheduled, that is, they will still happen as planned.

Why were INSS medical examinations suspended for disability benefits?

The decision to suspend services for the process of reassessing disability benefits is directly associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. According to what was established in the text published in the Official Gazette, the measure is a way to contribute to tackling the public health emergency situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

How can I apply for mine?

For those who already receive the disability benefit and had the expertise suspended with the decision of the INSS, it is not necessary to do anything. The institute itself will contact each of the policyholders to schedule a new date and pass on other important information for the process of reassessing the benefit.

But for those who want to join the program, it is necessary to enter the website My INSS, login, or create one, and follow the steps set out in the portal. It is necessary to follow the options “Schedule Expertise” > “New Application”. Then you must inform whether it is the first skill (“Initial Skill”) or not (“Extension Skill”). After that, just continue responding to the platform’s requests and provide the requested information.

The institute must inform the date of the medical examination and how it should be done. The INSS contact for questions is number 135.

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