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INSS insured persons may be required to pay medical expertise

Find out here about Bill 3,914/2020 that, if approved by Congress, the payment of the medical expertise will be exclusively paid by the INSS insured🇧🇷

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What is Bill 3.914/2020?

Authored by Deputy Hiran Gonçalves (PP-RR), Bill 3.914/2020 is a legislative text whose main objective is to pass on the payment of judicial medical expertise in actions against the National Institute of Social Security (INSS ) which is paid, until the given moment, by the Union for all INSS insured persons.

Approved on August 17 by the Chamber of Deputies, Bill 3.914/2020 caused such controversy due to its tendency to limit free access to Justice in medical expertise. If the legislative text is approved in Congress, policyholders of the National Institute of Social Security who file a lawsuit that a reassessment is necessary will be responsible for paying for this type of service.

How does the INSS medical expertise work?

The medical expertise of the National Institute of Social Security is carried out to detect the existence of some type of disability in the worker, whether temporary and/or permanent.

In addition, an analysis is made of whether the service provided by the worker can be harmful to the point of aggravating the state of his disability in question and compromising his life and that of third parties.

How to request medical expertise at the INSS?

To request a request for medical expertise at the National Social Security Institute, you need to schedule the service by calling 135, at the INSS agency in your region or through the internet on the Meu INSS website.

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It’s importantAs long as you have at hand, all the documentation required for this type of service, such as photo identification, work permit and proof of address, in addition to other documents such as:

  • The ASO issued by the occupational physician with the certificate of the worker’s health condition;
  • A letter with the elaboration of the company with the declaration of your last day of work;
  • A medical certificate describing your clinical condition, diagnosis and treatments, in addition to the signature, stamp and address of the professional consulted by you;
  • Blood and imaging tests that prove the disease and/or injury;
  • All prescriptions indicate the medication used by the worker.

Attention: The documents presented in the list above must be updated. That is, it is necessary that they do not exceed the time of three months between the date of issuance and the date of presentation on the day stipulated for the medical examination.

It was presented on Bill 3.914/2020 which, in its legislative text, states that the payment of medical expertise is exclusively for policyholders National Institute of Social Security🇧🇷

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