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INSS Contest 2022 | Find out how to sign up

For those on duty, the public notice for the new INSS 2022 contest?? Therefore, the document was published in the Official Gazette of the Union and has a thousand vacancies. In addition, all opportunities are for the position of social security technician, which only requires a high school diploma.

Another important piece of information is the remuneration, which at the beginning of the career is R$5,905.79, for a workload of 40 hours per week. Finally, the hiring regime is statutory, which guarantees the stability of the public servant.

Read on to learn more about the contest.

What this article covers:

INSS competition vacancies

According to the notice, the contest will be by regions. This means that candidates will compete for the positions reserved for the Executive Management (GEX) that was selected during registration.

After completing the contest, candidates will be allocated to any Social Security Agency (APS) belonging to the GEX they are applying to.

See below for the distribution of vacancies according to the states.

state vacancies
Acre 14
alagoas 13
amazon 28
amapá 12
Bahia 49
Ceará 25
Federal District 13
Holy Spirit 11
Goiás 23
maranhão 24
Minas Gerais 122
Mato Grosso do Sul 22
Mato Grosso 19
For 61
Paraíba 13
Pernambuco 31
Piauí 9
Paraná 32
Rio de Janeiro 191
large northern river 16
Rondônia 23
Roraima 18
Rio Grande do Sul 49
Santa Catarina 29
Sergipe 6
Sao Paulo 138
Tocantins 9

Enrollment Date

In short, inscriptions for the INSS contest will be made by the Cebraspe website from the 16th of September.

Thus, interested parties can apply until october 3?? In addition, to participate in the selection, it is necessary to pay a fee of R$85, until the 21st of the following month.

However, people registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and also bone marrow donors can request the fee exemptionaccessing the banking website during the registration period.

INSS 2022 tender notice

The following is the main information of the published tender notice:

  • Organ: National Institute of Social Security
  • Positions: social security technician
  • vacancies: thousand
  • requirements: middle level
  • Remuneration: BRL 5,905.79
  • banking: Cebraspe
  • Registrations: from the 16th of september to the 3rd of october
  • Evidences: 27th of November

INSS 2022 Contest Evidence

In relation to the test, candidates for the INSS contest will be evaluated by objective tests and, if approved in the quantitative foreseen in the public notice, through a training course.

Thus, the first stage is scheduled to take place on November 27th. Therefore, the evaluation will be carried out in the cities that correspond to the Executive Management of the INSS where the candidate competes.

In all, the objective test has 120 questions, being 50 of Basic Knowledge and 70 of Specific Knowledge. In general, the subjects will be charged:

  • Portuguese language;
  • Ethics in Public Service;
  • Notions of Constitutional and Administrative Law;
  • Logical reasoning; and
  • Computer Basics.

Thus, the candidate who obtains a grade equal to or greater than ten points in the Basic Knowledge part, 21 or more in the Specific area and at least 36 points in the set of tests will be approved.

Afterwards, candidates classified according to the number of immediate vacancies foreseen in the public notice (1,000) will be called for enrollment in the first classes of the training course.

However, according to Annex VII of the public notice, up to 3,385 candidates have chances of ranking in the contest, with at least 2,498 reserved for broad competition.

Since this number corresponds to the limit allowed by the Decree 9,739 of 2019 which establishes the rules for public tenders carried out by the Federal Executive.

Finally, the training course will be held in the cities of Belém (PA), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Florianópolis (SC), Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa (PB), Manaus (AM), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and also in São Paulo (SP).

In order to be approved in this last stage, the candidate must achieve satisfactory marks in the objective and discursive tests that make up each stage.

During training, the competitor still needs to do justice, as Financial assistanceat 50% of the initial job grade/standard pay.

So, are you going to sign up for the INSS 2022 contest? Leave it in the comments.

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