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INSS beneficiaries win legal action and will receive overdue amounts

A total of 1.4 billion in arrears was released to INSS beneficiaries, the amount will be available later this year respectively in cases of low values, since amounts that exceed 60 minimum wages will be received in 2022.

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The amount is linked to the late payment of pensioners, retirees and other policyholders who received payment authorization since August 2021.

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When will the INSS beneficiaries who won the case receive the overdue amounts?

If the insured person has an amount to be received that does not exceed the ceiling of 60 minimum wages, he may receive the money for small-value claims (RPVs) within a maximum of 60 days after obtaining the court victory. That is, after winning the lawsuit, it will take up to thirty days for the release and another up to 30 days for the deposit into the account.

But in the event that the arrears add up to more than 60 minimum wages, the retiree receives via precatorios, released once a year. The next precatório will only be paid in 2022, that is, those who have a larger amount of money to receive will only receive it in 2022.

The benefit will be directed to categories of pensioners, retirees and policyholders who have won the lawsuits and have been authorized to pay since August 2021.

Policyholders, pensioners and retirees who received a positive opinion in lawsuits in August will benefit from their respective share of the R$ 1.4 billion budget that will be made possible via the Justice Council (CJF), thus containing the objective of settling INSS delays related to the autarchy, delays which are related to requests for retirement reviews, in addition to sickness benefits, death pensions and various other benefits funded by the INSS.

The total number of beneficiaries exceeds 94,000 individuals, corresponding to 75,547 processes, including requests for small amounts that do not belong to social security or assistance categories. Due to this large delayed demand, the CJF released the amount of R$ 1.6 billion to settle the costs of these actions.

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